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Tarsus: Choices

Tarsus: Choices

  • 📁 Category: Fantasy 📄 Artist Name: R.N. Decker 📎 File Size: 479.65 KB 🎖 Price: $0.99 📅 Release Date: 2016-10-26T07:00:00Z 💾 Ratting : 0 / 0 peoples
  • Tarsus: choices - In the kingdom of Musk, a dragon came to call. His adventures in Musk make for an enteresting time. This second installment of The Dragon Shield Saga tells the tale of Tarsus and his daughter Axenia; the havok caused by his presence; and the growing .. Read More »

Anatomy and Radiography of the Equine Tarsus

Anatomy And Radiography Of The Equine Tarsus

  • 📁 Category: Medical 📄 Artist Name: Educational Resources, University of Georgia 📎 File Size: 148.04 MB 🎖 Price: Free 📅 Release Date: 2018-04-16T07:00:00Z 💾 Ratting : 0 / 0 peoples
  • Anatomy and radiography of the equine tarsus - When veterinary students learn anatomy and radiography, they frequently encounter difficulties with the equine tarsus. This is true for a variety of reasons, not the least of which is the number of bones and joints comprising the tarsus, and the appa .. Read More »

Common Bony Abnormalities of the Equine Tarsus

Common Bony Abnormalities Of The Equine Tarsus

  • 📁 Category: Veterinary 📄 Artist Name: Educational Resources, University of Georgia 📎 File Size: 42.88 MB 🎖 Price: Free 📅 Release Date: 2020-09-24T07:00:00Z 💾 Ratting : 0 / 0 peoples
  • Common bony abnormalities of the equine tarsus - Veterinary students often report that it can be particularly difficult to identify bony abnormalities on radiographs of the horse’s tarsus, primarily because of the complexity of this part of the horse’s anatomy. The process of ‘reading’ radi .. Read More »

Social Welfare Policy Analysis and Choices

Social Welfare Policy Analysis And Choices

  • 📁 Category: Medical 📄 Artist Name: Hobart A Burch 📎 File Size: 2.71 MB 🎖 Price: $29.99 📅 Release Date: 2013-02-01T08:00:00Z 💾 Ratting : 0 / 0 peoples
  • Social welfare policy analysis and choices - Social Welfare Policy Analysis and Choices gives you a thorough introduction to social welfare policy analysis. The knowledge you’ll gain from its pages will enable you to understand and evaluate individual policy issues and choices by exploring th .. Read More »

The Sage of Unbelief: George Eliot and Unorthodox Choices (Annals OF Humanism) (Biography)

The Sage Of Unbelief: George Eliot And Unorthodox Choices (annals Of Humani

  • 📁 Category: Reference 📄 Artist Name: The Humanist 📎 File Size: 327.09 KB 🎖 Price: $5.99 📅 Release Date: 2006-07-01T07:00:00Z 💾 Ratting : 0 / 0 peoples
  • The sage of unbelief: george eliot and unorthodox choices (annals of humanism) (biography) - TODAY IT APPEARS that we live in a world where many of our ideals seem lost and forgotten and a disturbing indifference has settled in. A number of people suffer from either knee-jerk conformity or ironic detachment. As a result we may have at last c .. Read More »

Choices of One: Star Wars

Choices Of One: Star Wars

  • 📁 Category: Science Fiction 📄 Artist Name: Timothy Zahn 📎 File Size: 11.88 MB 🎖 Price: $4.99 📅 Release Date: 2011-07-19T07:00:00Z 💾 Ratting : 4 / 123 peoples
  • Choices of one: star wars - From #1 New York Times bestselling author Timothy Zahn comes a brand-new Star Wars adventure, set in the time between A New Hope and The Empire Strikes Back and featuring the young Luke Skywalker, Han Solo, Princess Leia Organa, and the beloved Mara .. Read More »

Choices of the Heart: A Christian Romance Novella

Choices Of The Heart: A Christian Romance Novella

  • 📁 Category: Religious 📄 Artist Name: Kelsey MacBride 📎 File Size: 236.02 KB 🎖 Price: Free 📅 Release Date: 2014-06-10T07:00:00Z 💾 Ratting : 4.5 / 699 peoples
  • Choices of the heart: a christian romance novella - Choices of the Heart is the first Christian Romance novella in the Bradley Sisters series and begins the story of each sister’s search for a Godly man worthy of their heart.  Each story highlights a sister’s hopes, her struggles, and her ach .. Read More »

Language Choices in the Intercultural Classroom: Considering Possibilities for Communication and Learning (Report)

Language Choices In The Intercultural Classroom: Considering Possibilities

  • 📁 Category: Education 📄 Artist Name: Babel 📎 File Size: 193.27 KB 🎖 Price: $5.99 📅 Release Date: 2008-11-01T07:00:00Z 💾 Ratting : 0 / 0 peoples
  • Language choices in the intercultural classroom: considering possibilities for communication and learning (report) - ABSTRACT Intercultural language learning gives a place to the use of both the target language and the learners' first and/or other language(s). There is a need to develop a balance, however, as each language contributes differently to learning. Th .. Read More »

The 5 Choices

The 5 Choices

  • 📁 Category: Management & Leadership 📄 Artist Name: Kory Kogon, Adam Merrill & Leena Rinne 📎 File Size: 10.31 MB 🎖 Price: $14.99 📅 Release Date: 2014-12-30T08:00:00Z 💾 Ratting : 4.5 / 11 peoples
  • The 5 choices - “The 5 Choices provides the methods to get the right things done, not try to get everything done, and to feel like you made a meaningful contribution at the end of the day.” —Kevin Turner, former COO of Microsoft For fans of Deep Work, Great at .. Read More »

Best Choices from the People's Pharmacy

Best Choices From The People's Pharmacy

  • 📁 Category: Health, Mind & Body 📄 Artist Name: Joe Graedon & Teresa Graedon 📎 File Size: 2.54 MB 🎖 Price: $8.99 📅 Release Date: 2006-10-31T08:00:00Z 💾 Ratting : 0 / 0 peoples
  • Best choices from the people's pharmacy - From the trusted authors of the "People's Pharmacy" syndicated newspaper column comes Best Choices from the People's Pharmacy, an essential reference that empowers readers to make intelligent, informed choices from among the array of treatment option .. Read More »

Choices Under Fire

Choices Under Fire

  • 📁 Category: Military 📄 Artist Name: Michael Bess 📎 File Size: 4.27 MB 🎖 Price: $11.99 📅 Release Date: 2006-11-07T08:00:00Z 💾 Ratting : 0 / 0 peoples
  • Choices under fire - World War II was the quintessential “good war.” It was not, however, a conflict free of moral ambiguity, painful dilemmas, and unavoidable compromises. Was the bombing of civilian populations in Germany and Japan justified? Were the Nuremberg and .. Read More »

Cold Choices

Cold Choices

  • 📁 Category: Mysteries & Thrillers 📄 Artist Name: Larry Bond 📎 File Size: 470.70 KB 🎖 Price: $11.99 📅 Release Date: 2009-05-12T07:00:00Z 💾 Ratting : 4.5 / 119 peoples
  • Cold choices - Following the events Jerry Mitchell encountered in Dangerous Ground, the pilot-turned-submarine officer is now a department head, the navigator, aboard USS Seawolf. Now on a mission deep in the Barents Sea, north of Russia, Seawolf explores the sea f .. Read More »

You Are Your Choices

You Are Your Choices

  • 📁 Category: Self-Improvement 📄 Artist Name: Alexandra Stoddard 📎 File Size: 923.06 KB 🎖 Price: $11.99 📅 Release Date: 2009-10-13T07:00:00Z 💾 Ratting : 0 / 0 peoples
  • You are your choices - With her 25th book, lifestyle philosopher Alexandra Stoddard offers simple steps for taking charge of your life—your way. In brief essays filled with useful examples and optimism, she reveals 50 choices you can make to live joyfully in pursuit of w .. Read More »

How Good People Make Tough Choices Rev Ed

How Good People Make Tough Choices Rev Ed

  • 📁 Category: Self-Improvement 📄 Artist Name: Rushworth M Kidder 📎 File Size: 1.54 MB 🎖 Price: $10.99 📅 Release Date: 2009-11-24T08:00:00Z 💾 Ratting : 0 / 0 peoples
  • How good people make tough choices rev ed - This insightful and brilliant analysis of ethics teaches readers valuable skills in evaluating tough choices and arriving at sound conclusions.“A thought-provoking guide to enlightened and progressive personal behavior.”—Jimmy CarterAn essentia .. Read More »

The Choices That Make Love Last: How To Start Building A Solid Relationship

The Choices That Make Love Last: How To Start Building A Solid Relationship

  • 📁 Category: Family & Relationships 📄 Artist Name: Sarah A Hart 📎 File Size: 233.19 KB 🎖 Price: Free 📅 Release Date: 2019-11-10T08:00:00Z 💾 Ratting : 4 / 67 peoples
  • The choices that make love last: how to start building a solid relationship - Disney movies and fairy tales end on a 'Happy Ever After' without ever showing that Real Effort and Hard Work goes into a Long-Lasting RelationshipSkipping over that fact, sets a lot of us up for failure... Remember the excitement .. Read More »

Moral Choices

Moral Choices

  • 📁 Category: Religion & Spirituality 📄 Artist Name: Scott Rae 📎 File Size: 1.54 MB 🎖 Price: $27.99 📅 Release Date: 2009-12-15T08:00:00Z 💾 Ratting : 0 / 0 peoples
  • Moral choices - With its unique union of theory and application and its well-organized, easy-to-use design, Moral Choices has earned its place as the standard text for college ethics courses. This third edition offers extensive updates, revisions, and brand new mate .. Read More »

Holmes on the Range: A Novel of Bad Choices, Harsh Realities and Life in the Federal Prison System

Holmes On The Range: A Novel Of Bad Choices, Harsh Realities And Life In Th

  • 📁 Category: Fiction & Literature 📄 Artist Name: Dan Holmes & Sam Skinner 📎 File Size: 1.03 MB 🎖 Price: $7.99 📅 Release Date: 2013-08-21T07:00:00Z 💾 Ratting : 0 / 0 peoples
  • Holmes on the range: a novel of bad choices, harsh realities and life in the federal prison system - Demons. We all have them. They take various forms and affect us in different ways. Some are obvious like drugs and alcohol. Loneliness and depression and self-doubt are not so apparent if that is all you’ve known until college. In Holmes on the Ran .. Read More »